"The talks were a real eye-openeron the things I eat before, and the damage I have been putting my body through"Sep-06 Marua

The People at the Heart of Karuna Detox Retreats

UK's Leading Holistic Detox Retreat

“Professional, supportive, caring, nurturing. I felt deeply cared for."


Founder and group facilitator, Shoshana intuitively brings together the pieces of the puzzle of health and happiness for each individual.
Trained in psychology, Non-violent communication, Yoga, Independent Natural nutrition researcher, Biodynamics, Reiki and a life long student of human growth. Sho is comfortable in and speaks simply and clearly about both microscopic and spiritual areas.

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Louise is our beloved Journey therapist. Using a unique Journey therapy, she enhances your connection and enables profound healing of a stuck pattern or issue that you feel is blocking you from thriving in life. This can be physical, emotional or mental blockage. The insight, freedom and health that this journey of awareness, feeling and forgiveness brings is profound and long lasting.

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Paul is our residential massage therapist, and also yoga teacher. Trained extensively in chinese acupuncture, holistic, deep tissue and abdominal massage, as well as nutritional therapy. His depth of understanding and kind quiet manner lend his treatments and yoga sessions both a dynamic and deep calm quality. His special interest is in digestive health and masage techniques for the abdomen.

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Paul will accompany you throughout your retreat, helping to keep everyone comfortable and dealing swiftly with anything that needs sorting in your cottages (from colonic boards to heating - he will help you!)



Anne is our Karuna Yoga and Pranayama teacher. She creates an inviting space where the spirit, body and organs can be nurtured, stretched and calmed. Trained in Scaravelli Yoga and Japanese massage, on Karuna Detox™ retreats Anne teaches our daily yoga class and offers treatments, Shiatsu, and Ear Acupuncture.

Her 'double detox' therapy, combines massage with ear acupuncture to aid release of toxins throughout the body, while the Japanese Shiatsu massage using stretches similar to yoga and pressure points to give you the effect of a work out while you relax.

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Lovely Donna - Detox Kitchen Manager


On Karuna Detox retreats Donna of 'Kitchen Wisdom' makes your juices and provides general people care - making your experience comfortable and supported. She is a wonderful raw gourmet chef and will prepare a delightful raw feast to end your stay. Read more about Donna here