Colonic Detox Retreats

Colonic Detox RetreatColonic irrigation washes out the large intestine with water, like having an internal shower. This

clears out constipation, excess mucous 'bad' bacteria, and during your detox - flushes out toxins.

Detox and Colonics are ideal companions. Though not obligatory, most chose to include them.

Probiotics are supplied to bring the good bacteria to the intestines following the course of colonics.

Benefits: better digestion, absorption, stronger immunity, clarity and renewed motivation to eat well!

Colonics are simple and effective, most enjoy them and their benefits.

The build up of these toxins can have a significant negative impact on your health. Colonic Therapy will flush these toxins away, at the same time relieving many common ailments. Many Doctors are now embracing this technique alongside their traditional treatments helping to promote optimum health.

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Colonic Irrigation

Also known as colon hydrotherapy, colonic therapy or high colonics this process washes the organ clearing it of toxins, mucous plaque and clogged matter. Described as ‘taking a shower inside’ the result is a smooth clean intestine. The results will often shed light on your health and can teach valuable lessons for future well being. The process is straight forward and full details are described here.

Detox Without Colonics

Detox Without ColonicsSome people may find this process unappealing or have a medical condition which precludes this therapy. Whilst it is the quickest and most efficient way to clean the toxins out of the body there are alternatives which are very effective. At Karuna we will discuss what is best for you and design a bespoke program for your wellness.

Detox at Karuna Retreat

At Karuna we provide a holistic enviroment for your detox. The program inculdes a variety of other activities which you can pick and choose from. These include:

  • Daily yoga
  • Massage Therapies and Healing
  • Meditation and Affirmation
  • Weight Loss and Nutrition

More details are described on our Detox Program page.

Accomodation and Facilities

Your detox is for your mind and body and what better place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate then in the tranquil countryside of Deven. Karuna has a number of character cottages and a farmhouse providing accomodation for our guests and is set in lanscaped gardens. Each cottage has a flat screen TV, DVD and wireless.

Facilities include a sauna, gym suite, yoga room, common room and poolhouse. Have a peek at our gallery to view our retreat location.


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