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Grandma's recipe for healing everything... explained

I'm not feeling good - Heal Me!

As a nation we use pain-killers and antibiotics, flu jabs and cold remedies to deal with discomfort we feel in the body. By comparison, Grandma's chicken soup remedy for feeling better when ill is positively holistic!

For those unfamiliar: drinking clear chicken soup broth helps stop illness symptoms. Its watery protein broth will draw your body away from cleansing and back to digestion. As a result, less symptoms = you feel better.

So... where's the problem, you're asking?

Symptom Sqashers vs. Symptom Healers

When we eat, the body stops cleansing. Chicken soup draws the body back to digesting and breaking down the watery animal protein and moves it away from the cleansing healing process. We naturally don't have an appetite at this time, but often disregard this and eat anyhow, out of habit or belief it will do us good.

The chicken soup cure, like many other symptom squashers, stops the illness on the surface, but doesn't create health within.

The body's is designed to heal itself and eliminate micro pathogens, accumulated wastes, excess acidity and mucous that provide conditions for illness to thrive on. The natural self-cleaning capacity of our body hasn't completed it's work, so we can expect the same symptoms to recur as the body tries again to clean itself of these wastes.

When we fast when ill (on juices or water, honey water or herbal teas), we allow the body to complete it's process of self cleansing, and in it's own cyclical time (i.e. maybe not all in one go) eliminate the ROOTS of this condition within.

By detoxing regularly, by fasting intentionally like on a Karuna Detox Retreat or similar, and whenever our body is cleansing, we create a wealth of health within, where disease simply doesn't thrive. It passes through.

The 'science' behind chicken soup

It's a watery protein soup, that effectively stops the body's natural detoxification. That's why people feel better. The detox symptoms are pushed aside because when we eat the body is required to digest, or attempt to. The protein in the soup is foreign DNA and digesting this is of critical importance to the body's defence system (otherwise it would be like a foreign species invasion!), and yet it's 'light' enough to not overwhelm the digestive system, which is naturally weakened by illness.

Digestion and Immunity compete for resources, as the body battery is drawn to healing, cleansing, detoxification and away from digestion.

In this way this cure is similar to the use of medication to treat symptoms. We get better by suppressing the expression of illness. Not by treating the underlying cause, and not by working with the body's natural healing methods which cause it to cleanse itself via the symptoms (yes even those we don't like).

Healthy tips from Karuna Detox to you with Love.

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