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As most clients ask how they can best prepare for their retreat, we've sat down and made a list of the books that have informed and inspired us, from fasting and nutrition, to Yoga and parenting. Have a browse and if you want to buy a book or video, click on the book and it'll take you to Amazon.

We hope you enjoy these books, and would be happy to hear of your experience.

Fasting, Detox & Nutrition

The Fasting Path: The Way to Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Enlightenment

By Stephen Harrod Buhner

A magnificent way to prepare your mind for a retreat of any sort, and specifically a fasting retreat. He talks in length about the mental states and physical conditions you are likely to experience, and how to get the best from it, by noting potential difficulties beforehand and adjusting your mindset to smooth your path.

Recommended by a client of ours who came prepared like a pro though it was his first fast. I had been planning on writing up on the physical and emotional aspects of fasting ourselves. It was wonderful to find some else had written the book (I'm really busy these days! ;) Basically, each person has personal physical and emotional tendencies which naturally work in your favor promoting well being and health. So... first step is 'just' to understand and remember their true purpose in maintaining your health, then second step is learning to 'celebrate' their arrival. They too will pass and leave you healthier and happier for the experience!.

Better Bowel Care

By Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D.,

This book explains how the underactive condition of the eliminative organs influences the development of illness and disease. In the guide, Dr Jensen outlines the basics and details of home-colonic irrigation techniques he brought to the modern world.

Dr. Jensen is known as the father of holistic health and has practiced natural healing therapies for more than 70 years. In his lifetime, he not only conquered his own life-threatening ailments, but then went on to help the rest of us understand what our bodies are trying to do. As well as bringing DIY Colonics to the modern world, he also documented and substantiated Iridology into the powerful diagnostic tool that it is today. Our retreats follow in his footsteps, with this book as one of our 'bibles', especially with regard to his Colonic program.
Personally, I think this man is a genius, I recommend all his books!

Diet and Detoxification

By Bernard C Jensen

One of Dr. Jensen's most important works, this doctor-patient handbook shows readers how they can conquer chronic diseases with a comprehensive diet and exercise plan and an explanation of the colon's connection to other body organs.


Dr. Jensen's Juicing Therapy: Nature's Way to Better Health and a Longer Life

By Bernard C Jensen

Fruit and vegetable juices are the fastest way to get nutrients into our bodies. This guide offers over 100 juice recipes for health and well-being. Also included are case histories from the author's career demonstrating the extraordinary effects of juices on rejuvenation and healing.

Visions of Health

By Bernard C Jensen & Donald V. Bodeen

Iridology is an age-old science brought into modern thinking by Bernard Jensen. I correlates the nerve endings in the entire body with those that control the individual strand that make up the iris. Thus how differences in the shapes and colors of the iris reveal condition and tensions in all other areas of the body. It is therefore seen as a window on the state of one's health.

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

By Dr. Robert Young

Forget cholesterol counts. Forget calories and fat grams. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone levels or any other markers of health you're used to hearing about. If you want to lose weight and prevent or reverse diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer, "The pH Miracle" promises to show you how. Dr Robert Young and his wife, Shelley, reveal a diet and lifestyle program that unlocks the secrets of pH balance and of food as a healer, restorer, balancer and life-giver. They illustrate that the single most important measurement of your health is the pH of your blood and tissues - how acidic or alkaline they are. In fact, they argue, the entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment and chronic over-acidity corrodes body tissue. The pH miracle shows readers simply and clearly how to get a balanced system with a program that explains how to eat optimally for health and weight loss. You'll learn which foods to eat, which foods can be combined safely, which should be eaten alone, which should be avoided altogether and which supplements can help. The authors assert that within weeks, you'll have more energy, a stronger immune system and will shed pounds and inches.


Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease

By Joel Fuhrman

A doctor's friendly, informed, not to mention based on personal experience, of fasting to regain health. A good read before or during a fast. Informed, full of medical research, includes detailed chapters on natural diet, regaining health, how and why fasting works, and specific dietary/fasting programs for overcoming chronic diseases.

Eating Healthy

Sugar-Free Cooking with Stevia: The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb

By James Kirkland & Tanya Kirkland


This amazing, sweet substance, is finally seeing the light of day, having been so suppressed by the sugar lobbies for nearly 100 years. Not only is it NOT a sugar (IE: Not calories or carbs !), it is actually supporting to the Pancreas. Sufficient studies have shownb that it is a useful tool in the prevention AND CURE of Diabetes. I wonder why you can't buy it in Tescos !?!

This is especially for all of those clients who have asked me if you can cook with Stevia.


Stevia Sweet Recipes: Sugar-Free Naturally

By Jeffrey Goettemoeller

Stevia tastes so much better than sugar! This book has many recipes besides desserts. There is also some information at the beginning about stevia. I have found the author has a good website too. Besides being the best stevia cookbook, this is the best of any cookbooks I have ever seen.

Although no one is allowed to sell Stevia in this country, we are allowed to promote the books!

Rainbow Green Cuisine

By Gabriel Cousens


Because of our acid-producing diets, environmental pollution, antibiotics, excess oestrogen in the environment, and personal and world stress, candida and fungal infections are rampant today. Rainbow Green Cuisine, containing an incredible assortment of over 250 delicious recipes, presents the first sophisticated, gourmet international cuisine to be based on highly edible natural organic live food, along with a relatively low-sugar and low-mycotoxic approach.

We love this man's work. He seems to retain his humanness, and deepen his spirituality and wisdom, with his popularity!


Conscious Eating

By Gabriel Cousens

Gabriel Cousens is one of the leading wonderful people in the international Live-Foods scene, and runs a raw food chef and consultation program in New Mexico, USA.

'Conscious eating' is being aware of how the food we eat effects our body, emotions, mind and spirit. This book is a classic and was one of the first books I read on the subject.


Back to the House of Health: Rejuvenating Recipes to Alkalize and Energize for Life!

By Shelley Redford Young & Robert O. Young

Dr, Young's counterpart recipe book. Brings to life the principles of The pH Miracle, in a form more palatable for the public than 'raw theory'.


Raw: The Uncook Book

By Juliano, Erika Lenkert

"Gourmet raw cuisine" - if that sounds like an oxymoron, you'll be amazed by the creativity of the recipes in this book. Every food is "live" (uncooked) in these vegetarian recipes from Juliano, the raw food guru of Los Angeles. Juliano believes that fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans and seeds in their rawest and purest form are the most nourishing foods. If your imagination stops at alfalfa sprouts and grated carrots, hold onto your cutting board!

Raw is the first major guide to preparing gourmet raw cuisine, an introduction to the finest dining this planet has to offer, with unique dishes made entirely from vegetarian and living foods. Raw offers ultimate pure flavor, thousands of textures, and beautiful effects on body, mind, soul and the environment! This isn't 100 variations of salad, but an ultra-gourmet cuisine, which fuses ancient culinary techniques with a modern and practical lifestyle. From sun-baked pizzas, satisfying sandwiches, vegan sushi, the best burritos and sprouted-rice dishes, to sangria and shakes, cookies, pudding, and pies. You're about to acquaint yourself with the vibrant flavors and miraculous nutrition of plant life in a way you never have before.

Juliano is the wildest raw gourmet yet, and his colorfulness translates to his recipes which are often indulgent, while still being raw and healthy. My friends went %100 raw after going to his restaurant daily while they lived in San-Francisco, they realized they could still enjoy all the same foods made from raw ingredients. This book is a delight for the eyes and for the mouth. Once you have it you gotta invite somebody over to dinner!


The Raw Gourmet

By Nomi Shannon

This is a lovely book for experienced as well as for beginning raw foodists. It has beautiful color pictures and the tasty recipes use easily available ingredients. If someone is having difficulty leaving standard (addictive) cooked meals, the imaginative recipes in the book are highly encouraging and of course the tremendous upsurge in well-being, health and energy experienced on the raw food diet will mean that this book will be a terrific benefit to society in general. Full of good tips and advise in short easy to read formats.

Nomi is one of the top raw chefs and her recipes always seem to work! Filled with sauces and dressings to make any salad taste special... This beautiful book will keep you coming back for more yummy raw food!


Light on Yoga

By B.K.S. Iyengar

This is known as the 'Yoga Bible' used by millions of teachers and practitioners. Very detailed with physiologically precise instructions, according to the Iyengar yoga fashion. The pictures are not always on the page of the instructions and the detail is more than a beginner can normally handle. Not an easy book to use as a reference during a yoga practice, it is rather a precious reference book.

The Heart of Yoga

By T. K. V. Desikachar

Krishnamacharya was one of the greatest yogis of modern times-a master scholar, healer, and spiritual teacher-whose students have changed the face of yoga in the West. The first yoga text to outline a step-by-step sequence for developing a complete practice according to viniyoga--yoga adapted to the needs of the individual.

Yoga: The Iyengar Way

By Silva Mehta, Mira Mehta, & Shyam Mehta

A comprehensive, practical guide to the method developed by Iyengar. The Iyengar method focuses on correct posture (alignment), placement and correct movement of bones and muscles. 100 key postures with detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs. This is the most recently published Iyengar yoga book and has quickly become a backlist bestseller.

I recommend to all my students to take some Iyengar yoga classes in addition to their favorite style (if other than..) and also to buy one of these A4 sized full color Iyengar books. These instructions will keep you practicing yoga safely ever after (and getting healthier daily!)

Mind, Body And Spirit - Kripalu Yoga - Gentle

By Carolyn Lundeen

Don't be deceived by the subtitle "gentle" of this video. Kraal Yoga might not be the dynamic form of yoga that is currently fashionable, yet it is of equal value to beginners and intermediate students of yoga. Thankfully the makers chose to feature a short film about the Kripalu Centre at the end of the video, by which time it doesn't matter if you get the impression that it's an American cult. This is meditative yoga based on intense stretching, which leaves you with a calm sense of well-being.

I have found Kripalu videos to be professional in instruction, range of postures and heartful, based on developing peace and strength of both body and spirit. This video can lead you to a great home-yoga practice.

Mind, Body And Spirit - Kripalu Yoga - Partner

By Kripalu Yoga Centre

A great partner yoga video (also can be used as a solo-yoga video), by two knowledgeable professional teachers. Gives a wide range of postures in a series that is fun to do with a partner. Great instruction and nice pace. You will have to watch the video once before doing the postures to get a feel for them. Fortunately, the video gives a long series of postures that flow into each other.

I have this DVD and am impressed! Its a beautiful DVD and the instructions are both body-based knowledge and heartfelt. I recommend learning the sequence so you can really focus on being in the postures and on the balance with your partner. That means doing the video more than once!
Partner Yoga is fun, and it's easy to adapt it to your own level and be creative by skipping postures or making up new variations!
However, it is important not to strain or overdo, be especially careful when working with a partner. Also, I recommend only doing a short sequence and the rest of the practice alone, to get the full benefits of Yoga.


Mutant Message Down Under

By Marlo Morgan
A fictional account of an American woman's four-month odyssey through the Australian Outback with the region's native people shares a message about living in harmony with the world around. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.


Author: This book is a wiork of fiction inspired by my experiences in Australia. It could have taken place in Africa or South America or anywhere where the true meaning of civilisation is still alive. It is for the reader to recieve his or her own message from my story.

What the 'Bleep' Do We Know

By William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente

This reality-shattering film is an enigma to most film festival programmers who have no idea where to list it in their catalogs. And list it they will because this film is powerful and mind bending, with audiences begging for it as word of mouth spreads slowly across the country. It is uncategorizable because the film actually blends three different types of filmmaking with at least as many genres. It is a documentary interviewing 14 of the most thought-provoking scientists, academics and mystics of our time.

A fair representation of how fringe-science is explaining things that conventional science is still in denial of. At the quantum level even 'truth' is relative, so until conventional scientists face what their own equations may be saying to them, this is probably as close to truth as we may get !

The DVD counterpart is where the real action is, and can be found here...


By Patch Adams & Maureen Mylander

Patch Adams's book ought to be required reading for patients, doctors, and ordinary mortals of all kinds. I have learned from Patch the courage it takes to be different and to reveal your wounds: behind his clownlike persona lies a great deal of wisdom, and it often falls to the court jester to speak the truth that those in power need to hear.

At last Patch Adams, M.D. has put on paper his vision of patient-centered health care. . . a vision that has inspired so many over the years. Patch's 'crazy dream' is, in reality, the root of what good health care should be all about and too often isn't. Any health care professional who reads Gesundheit! will come away with a renewed sense of mission and joy about what they do.

The Tao of Health Sex, & Longevity

By Daniel Reid

Exploring the balanced and holistic system of health care used by Chinese physicians, martial artists and meditators for over 5000 years, alongside numerous modern-day scientific approaches with similar aids. The results is a coalition between Taoist philosophy and western biology, and answers many a practical and esoteric concern, regarding sex, food, exercise and meditation to a Western audience.

This was one of my first books on DIY Health: Colonics, biological digestion, food combining, and Tai-Chi and Chi-Gong - not to mention the tantric sex instructions of course!


By Daniel Quinn


A man and an unusual teacher conduct a series of philosophical conversations in a work that presents a new vision of evolution and humankind and asks the question: does the Earth belong to humans, or do humans belong to the Earth?

Inspiring and refreshing, those who have read this book will never forget it. Fantastic concept, entertaining, wise, thought provoking book.

Tao of Physics: The Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism

By Fritjof Capra
Somewhere between the romantic idea of ancient mystic wisdom, and the bigoted attitude that as they didn't invent the TV, they can't be worth 'squat', sits the reality that even science is now being forced to question. Quantum physics is prying open the closed mind of science, and forcing in the idea that we've heard all these principles before. They are the metaphors and conundrums of the ancients. A different language 'yes', a different culture 'yes', a different time 'yes' - how different would you allow the same message to be over such huge boundaries.... Read the book

I've enjoyed this book a lot at different times in my life, I never remembers all the details so I will just have to read it again!!

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

A magical fable about learning to listen to your heart, read the omens strewn along life's path and, above all, follow your dreams. This is the magical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who dreams of traveling the world in search of a worldly treasure as fabulous as any ever found. From his home in Spain he journeys to the markets of Tangiers, and from there into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him.

Lighthearted and easy-going. A simple tale with as much profundity as you have time for.

Autobiography of a Yogi

By Paramahansa Yogananda

An actual autobiographical account of the early nineteenth-century yogi that brought a complete Hindu belief structure to the west. Intact and flourishing today, it has followed a similar path to the young Paramahansa in the book. Entering with boyish ways, a great softness of manner, but mysteriously attractive wisdom somehow.

The book, the man, and the school teach self-realization - identification with his larger self, mankind, and ultimately union with his God.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: A Spiritual Classic from One of the Foremost Interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism to the West

By Sogyal Rinpoche

What happens after life ends? How can we live compassionately and die wisely? This book is not at all somber, and it is full of inspiration, knowledge, meditations and compassion for all us living souls who just want to do the right thing and don't know what that is... There are many versions of the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying, some not as successful as this one. Sogyal Rinponche really knows how to bring knowledge across culture.

This book is interesting and easy to read, I couldn't put it down! My Grandmother was very ill at the time I discovered this book (in India) and there is so much detail in it about how we can help people die peacefully. I truly felt her passage into her death would be easier had she read this book. As it was she did have (in USA) wise people around her who stayed peacefully with her body allowing her to part gently with this world.

The Dance

By Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This text provides a sequel to "The Invitation". Each chapter begins with a line from Oriah Mountain Dreamer's poem "The Dance", and explores our ability to open up to the adventure of living - facing love, sorrow and anger and learning all they have to teach us. In "The Dance" Oriah Mountain Dreamer considers: relationships - what we get wrong and how to fix them; money - what it means and how to enjoy it; ways to overcome fear and loneliness; humor - how to be happier; and how to find balance and harmony in your life. She answers each of her questions by taking readers with her on a personal, yet universal journey of the heart.

A book that I have bought for many a friend (alright, they were all women!). Hopeful, inspirational, Beautiful.

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)

By Neal Donald Walsche

Conversations with God started when the author in the midst of a frustrating low-point in his life wrote a letter to God and was replied to. The book takes the format of the author questioning and God answering him. The theme that runs continually through the book is to remember our divine origins. Walsche's book makes God accessible in an almost secular way, different to our Bible-based one. An immediate, humorous, "guy next door kinda God" reminding us of basic truths. The book is written for Westerners and is practical and daily-life oriented, with answers on sexuality, money, relationships and health amongst many others.

I personally didn't like the way this book was written, and found it simplistic. I must admit though, I did feel a shift towards more acceptance for just how things are right now. I guess Conversations with God has the potential to influence the reader in a way that is wholesome and full of lightness. Best for people who aren't in the mood for a lot of intellectual concepts!


Non-Violent Communication (NVC):A Language of Life

By Marshall B Rosenburg
A book that continues to change our lives for the better:
Nonviolent communication is the lost language of natural giving. Based on the premise that humankind naturally care about one another, and long to live in harmony. According to NVC communication is either 'please' or 'thank you'. Most of these are tragically unsuccessful attempts, both unlikely to fulfil our needs, and very likely to increase tendencies of violence. How do we turn this around? Using stories, examples and sample dialogues, this text provides understanding and solutions to perplexing communication.

A fascinating concept and book, which changed my perspective on what people are needing when they say what they say. Now I can chose better how to meet both my needs and the other persons, without feeling the necessarily conflict. There is enough for us all!. On retreast I share NVC with all following the morning meditation.


I'm OK, You're OK

By Thomas A Harris

Not wishy-washy as the title might suggest to some! This is a guide to transactional analysis (TA). In non-technical language, it offers a simple technique for understanding many common interactions and communication patterns. Helps with gaining control of yourself, your relationships and your future, no matter what has happened in the past. Uses a Child-Adult-Parent model. Read it to understand how you can live in peace and balance with all parts of yourself!

I loved this technique and I immediately started noticing my inner child's needs for fun and play as legitimate and my inner parent's critique as cliche'!! Naturally more balance crept into my life with this model. I am forever thankful to those who create these handy life-tools!

Staying OK

By Amy Harris, Thomas Harris

A sequel to "I'm OK - You're OK". This book takes the method further and brings it into many daily experiences, such as resolving conflicts, and rooting out the causes of worry, panic, depression, regret, confusion and feelings of inadequacy. This book provides tools to making important changes and taking charge of your life,

This book takes 'I'm OK, you're OK' and brings it to REAL life. This is a great book to use as a guide for understanding the behind the scenes of daily issues, conflict and problems. It includes a lot of chapters on different relationships, such as marriage, children etc.. I think this book will help those who wish to understand and make changes in their communication.


The Tao of Reiki

By Lawrence Ellyard

This amazing book really manages to set out the immense mystery that surrounds Reiki into a readable and understandable form. Without belittling the subject it explains. Without diminishing its mystique, you understand. without humiliating you, it humbles you. One of the few books that adds to the wonder of its subject, by helping us see the divinity and infiniteness they contain...

This is the best Reiki book I have read. It has added to my understanding of Reiki, answered questions reg. the origins of Reiki (Buddhist) and gives a glimpse into the character of Dr. Usu. An original, intelligent and sensitive book, in my opinion a must-read for all Reiki practitioners and teachers.

Holistic Parenting

The Continuum Concept

By Jean Liedlof

"If there was one book that may save the humankind, this might just be it..."

Based on observations of Amazonian women's mothering patterns and of the behaviors of the tribe, namely the well-adjusted way the Amazonian tribe deal with loss, pain, disappointment etc. The continuum concept suggests that homo-sapien babies 'genetically' expect to be held in-arms for a continuous period till the baby's gained independent mobility and action. The in-arms provides the perfect (and natural) environment for the baby to remain secure as s/he meets and becomes acquainted with the world. Exposing the baby to a wide variety of stimuli in the safety of in-arms (normally near mama;s heartbeat) allows the baby to remain secure while the world around goes through changes of sound, movement, temperature, texture, height etc. Basically everything is changing all the time in a natural environment and this book proposes that we are genetically predisposed to adapting to change without fear, IF we have had the conditions natural for our species to develop securely. The continuum concept proposes that the Amazonian tribe are living in a way closer to these conditions, which fulfil our 'genetic' expectation (as opposed to the modern distant-creating prams/strollers, cribs and baby rooms).

This is a hopeful book - showing us that we have the power to raise a generation of confidant happy self and other loving children! Yamuna has received so much from us reading this book, priceless. I considered the in-arms holding a worthwhile experiment, and I'm grateful to say: IT WORKED! Yamuna is one of the most confident loving children around, as anyone who has met her will surely attest to.

Spiritual Midwifery

By Ina May Gaskin

A classic 70's pregnancy/birth and postnatal birth dedicated to home-birthing and spiritual midwifing. Includes over 200 home-birth stories (about nine births ended up in the hospital) written by the mothers themselves . Beautifully illustrated, full of both hippie-jargon (in the birth stories) and lots of medical jargon (incl. explanations and pictures) in the midwife's handbook section.

My husband and I read one story out loud in bed every night during the last trimester of pregnancy. I found it very comforting to read such a wide, and truthful, range of birth stories. It made me feel surrounded by sisters. I fully recommend this book to anyone pregnant!


Smart Love:The Compassionate Alternative to Discipline That Will Make You a Better Parent and Your Child a Better Person

By Martha Heineman Pieper & William J. Pieper

No parent wants to be a disciplinarian, but most fear that the only alternative is permissiveness. Not so, say Drs. Martha and William Pieper, the husband-wife team, parents of five themselves, who have written this revolutionary new volume based on years of ground-breaking research. The book shows that putting children's inner happiness, not their outward behaviour, first actually will make them better behaved and, in the long run, more confident and responsible.

The main thing I have drawn from this book, as with all things engendering compassion, it that the behaviour that children display is ALWAYS 'appropriate' to their age and situation. Guidance in how to work with themselves - and the world - is infinitely better than a list of 'shoulds' and 'musts'.

Preparing for Birth with Yoga: Empowering and Effective Exercise for Pregnancy and Childbirth Midwifery

By Janet Balaskas

This text examines the area of natural childbirth. Authoritative, practical and accessible to all readers, this text explains how to use simple yoga routines, an extremely effective exercise system for all stages of pregnancy, through the months leading up to childbirth, labour and beyond. Yoga is an extremely effective exercise system for the months of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, helping to relieve pain and discomfort at all stages. As well as offering practical advice on how to use yoga throughout pregnancy, labour and motherhood, this book helps women's personal development at the time of pregnancy, comforting and empowering readers to choose a birth that is right for them.

Janet Balaskas is a prominent pregnancy/birth yoga expert. Her books give specific instruction with a deep knowledge and sensitivity to body, breath and mind. Written by a woman who knows!! The old version of this book had Janet pregnant on the cover, I think this new version will still have a lot of those photos inside..


The No-cry Sleep Solution:Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

By Elizabeth Pantley
Sleep is the one of the most-discussed topics among new parents - because they don't get enough. This is the long-sought-after answer for sleep-deprived parents who don't want to let their children cry themselves to sleep. Parent educator Elizabeth Pantley, author of Perfect Parenting, developed a method based on research into sleep associations and has been tested and proven effective with her own child and a varied group of scores of mothers and babies from across the U.S., Canada, and even Europe. The responses from the test group have been fabulous - children who had been waking up four and five times or more every night began to sleep through - with no crying.

A great prezzie for yourself or anyone else with a newborn. The earlier you start the better!

Baby Yoga

By Francoise Barbira Freedman

Great Baby Yoga book, beautiful tempting photos (!!) for you and your little one. I had a lot of fun with Yamuna in her first year and she still has an affinity to yoga now at the age of 6.


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