Steps to Weight Loss
UK's First Holistic Detox Retreat

  • Clean your Colon – Cleansing pounds of residue inside us, including constipated matter, toxicity and mucoid plaque that can build up over the years of imbalanced eating. This will give your colon a ‘fresh start’ to absorb the nutrients you will be eating for the rest of your life. see 'Why Colonics'

  • Fast with juice or water - Cleansing for one week is a simple and natural, safe, method to lose weight, commonly between half and 1.5 stone.

    Fasting one or two days a week (intermittent fasting), as well as a diet rich in superfoods and smart eating with food combining, will make managing your weight natural. Plus you reclaim true radiant health!

  • Detox your Mind –   New mental patterns are important to keeping new physical patterns. Learning how to embrace your imperfections of the mind is a sure way to stop them guiding you to the fridge!

    Visualising your own success and developing compassion for any wobbles along the way is vital for your wellbeing. It is never too late to clear mental/emotional obstacles to reaching any of your goals, including a healthy weight.

  • Nutrients End CRAVINGS–  Learn what nutrients your body craves for, then feed your body so it becomes satisfied. A satisfied body stops 'crying out' repeatadly for junk/food.

    Our secret 'weapon', Smug superfood smoothie', gives you more nutrients (but not calories) every morning than most people eat in two weeks, keeping you bliss-full and fit!

On each retreat we teach these steps and more to support you in creating your wellbeing.
One you have experienced this you will never want to,
or need to lose confidence about your weight again!


You are invited to a transformation... book a  Detox Retreat Here



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