By the weekend I had more energy than I thought was possible! I felt like a little kid again!Letter Helen

Detox Retreat UK for body, mind & soul

Lose toxins, gain health!


Our detox retreat offers structure and space - time to listen to what your body wants and needs. Time to stop, unwind, clear your mind, empty your heart. Break old habits, get cleansed, nourished and inspired.

For many of our clients this is a life changing experience, transforming relationship with food, body and self.


Information and encouragement is shared in a non-preachy way, with humour, anecdotes and is science based. There is zero pressure to attend all sessions. And most find the program supportive and inspiring!

Colonics? Optional, most opt in, as eliminating toxins is key to health. Alternatively, we provide special colon cleansing herbs.

Daily Events

Time Event
*See Juices & Supp. on left
Dry Skin Brushing
08.20 Meditation
09.20 Juice & Supplements (1)
09.30 Check-In
10.00 Colonic Time & Therapies
12.20 Juice & Supplements (2)
12.45 Lifestyle & Nutrition talk
14:00 Free time, Massage or..
14.15 Group Walk
15.20 Juice & Supplements (3)
15:45 Yoga & Pranayama
17:00 Massage therapies
18.00 Colonic Time
19.00 Pottasium Broth & Psylium
20.00 Free Time / Film Time

organic_detox_juicesOrganic vegetable & fruit Juices freshly made, locally sourced, provide micro nutrients for energy and clear intestinal mucous while fasting. Some experienced detoxers may prefer a water fast. Savoury vegetable (potassium) broth is served in evenings.

Option for alkalising foods along the fast for people who are not able to juice fast (please request in advance). This will pace the detox and reduce detox symptoms.

Our Detox Supplement program ensure a balance of cleanse & release = elimination of toxins out of your body. Supports alkalise blood, mineralise cells and tone/heal intestinal membrane.

We provide Vit. C, Green superfood, natural Salts and Slippery elm, in addition to:

Psyllium Husks - consists of 100% fibre and creates an 'intestinal broom' to sweep your colon clean. Also, it fills the stomach and gives a comforting 'full' sensation.

Digestive Enzymes melt old mucoid layers coating the bowel wall. This matter is then swept out by the Psyllium husks and the colonic irrigation.

Probiotics You are are supplied with a two week course of friendly bacteria after this retreat, to fully establish good bowel flora.

Need a fresh start? Book here or call us 0800 112 3033

OVERVIEW - enjoy on Karuna Detox™ Retreat:


Karuna Detox retreat venue

Location & accomodation

Birdsong and nature on your doorstep. Rural bliss. Bring boots for walks. ... this is Devon at it's best! Fields, pond, river surround the cottages, indoor poolhouse, sauna, yoga room and group rooms..

Each cottage has 1 - 3 rooms, either ensuite or share a bathroom with one other person. A kitchen (for herbal teas) sitting room with flat screen TV, DVD and a cosy gas or log fire. See venue rooms here Venue.


weight loss detoxHealth Benefits & Healthy Weight Loss

Our detox program releases lbs of matter 'left over' in your intenstines, so you will lose weight according to your body's need, and fast! Once it's released, it's gone.
Fasting provides a rest from digestion, a time for body to do inner 'repairs'. Expected weightloss between 6 lbs - over 1 stone.
Program benefits digestion & immunity, reduction of aches, pains and chronic symptoms of toxicity.

See 'weight loss' and 'why detox' for more.

massage_blond_webMassage therapies & Healing

Chose from our pampering and detoxifying massages and healing therapies (one free inclusive in the price, additionals booked on arrival)

Holistic massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Ear acupuncture, Colon & Abdomen massage, Back Neck & Shoulders and Anti-cellulite 'Happy Hips' massage. As well as Reiki, Chakra Reading, Systemic Constellations and 'Journey therapy'.

Colonic irrigation

The self-administered Colonic Irrigations throughout the retreat are a safe and simple way to clean the Colon (large intestine) eliminating toxins and leftover matter. Colonics train the bowel in movement, clear constipation, improve digestion, health and immunity.

We will show and explain how to use the colonic units. Though most do, if you wish to fast without colonics, we will offer you colon cleansing herbs to eliminate toxins and waste from your intestines

Want to fast without colonics?

Adjust_YogaDaily Yoga sessions

If you are a beginner or a practiced yogi, you can learn something new in our detox yoga. Use the retreat time to stretch, release and relax. Learn to self-correct your posture and lengthen you body from within, relieving strain and joint pain. Daily Yoga is deeply relaxing and enhances your detox.



Meditation & Personal development

Meditation to come home to ourselves, develop awareness, harmony and self-love of ourselves as we are in the present moment. Based on teachings and practices by mindfulness masters such as Ekhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Khan, Byron Katie, Marshall Rosenberg, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Vipassana acc. to Goenka and more.

Each meditation class is unique as Sho follows the potential in the room.

Nutrition_talkNutrition Talks

These extremely popular talks are an inspiring 'fresh start' crash course. Easy-to-grasp, with a practical slant. De-mystifying digestion, pH balance, food- combining, toxicity, sequential eating, superfoods and more. Sho provides a CRAVINGS BUSTING smoothie recipe and essential healthy kitchenware tips. This may just change your life forever!



Raw Food MasterClass & gourmet feast...mmmmm!



The retreat ends with a day of eating and making a feast of live foods. Demonstrations often include nut milk, lindseed crackers, raw puddings, courgette pasta and more. Get introduced to some nifty kitchen tools - the spirulizer, vita mix and dehumidifyer. And enjoy a day of eating gourmet LIVE enzyme rich foods - tomato courgette pasta, seed dips, chocolate pudding and more.



Personal sharing

Our sharing groups provide a safe space to share experience and thoughts. This promotes emotional support between course members and creates a special bond. As with anything on the retreat, it is not obligatory. Also, a facilitator is always on-hand to provide individual support if required.


If you like the sound of this... speak to us 0800 112 3033 or Book here


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Disclaimer*: Any health benefits expressed in testimonials may vary from person to person.