Healing Body, Healing Mind

Body stores Memory and Emotion

In mind-body research there is a growing understanding that our body stores more than our physical organs, tissues and physical 'experience'. There is a recognition that our physical body stores also our mental and emotional memories, emotions and experiences, and as such holds a key to their healing.

These mind-body experiences, memories and emotions get stored deep within the tissues of the physical body, in the internal organs of the visceral body and in the fascial web of connective tissue. They are encoded into the movement, patterns and postures of the physical body, wired into our nervous system, and are remembered by the emotional body and echoed by the mental body, according to leading mind-body researchers (ref:Integrative Yoga therapeutics, Mind Body Cognitive Therapy - MBCT).

Today the healing of our deeper layers is outlined more clearly then ever through embodied (in-the-body) awareness practices. On Karuna Detox retreats, our program is designed to address this sensitive level of healing through cleansing, yoga, breathing using small movements that go deep not through the large and dramatic.

This can be helpful to know, if you are one of many individuals that they are tired, perhaps in burn-out, in a high paced lifestyle that leads regularly to over-extending self, to chronic stress, perhaps anxiety and depression; also, chronic illness and inflammation in the body tissue.

If short on time, skip to the methods of healing here. Then return here to read through and gain understanding later.

Healing Body - a good place to start

Over the last 15 years of leading Karuna detox groups, I have seen hundreds of people healing their body, from chronic illness to wellness, by detoxing and releasing acids and toxins stored throughout the body tissues and organs. Once the physical conditions of acidosis (excess acidity) and toxicity are addressed with regular fasting that allows detoxification, and we see the dissappearing of symptoms of chronic illness and with nutrition wellness is restored.

How long this takes varies according to the individual's condition, vitality, actions and depth of commitment to the process. It requires an ongoing commitment to regularly release toxicity as well as a daily commitment to develop nourishment with healthy living. For some it's quick to reach, within one retreat, and for others it takes longer, however there is a point where the vessel of life, our body, is now feeling vibrant, well, ready for LIVING...

Reaching Mind and Emotion in the Body

The process of healing the body is empowering, for sure! And because the emotions and experiences are stored in the body, the body can offer an accesible gateway to heal the non-physical patterns imprinted there. By going gently deeper within the body.

Our inner mind-emotion functioning as an adult is largely impacted by our first 3 early years in life, when our brain grows to fit the experience it's having. More nurturing and responsive caregiving creates in us capacity for healthy responses later in life - such as balanced brain chemistry and ability to relax following turbulence.

The good news for many is - we do not need to go into the 'story' of long ago for healing to occur now. As the words we speak tend to bring up emotional states, they often restimulate the same stress repeatedly. Hence, there are ways to bring our attention and loving actions into the body to support healing, without going into the 'story' of what happened a long time ago, so we can release and heal directly. And for some speaking can be helpful.

Healing Emotions in the Body... the small, slow and sure route

Caring for the physical body is a wonderful place to start the path of wellness. As the emotions and experiences are stored and encoded in the body, in the connective tissue, nerves, movements and cell memories. We have found that detoxifying and working with the body on retreats opens up a wonderful gateway to healing other layers.

This is the small, slow and sure route to emotional healing, as the body is defined in space and time, which anchoring us usefully to the physical present moment, where all healing happens.

Remember, this sensitive level of healing happens through small calming movements, not through the large and dramatic. Becoming sensitive and attuned to feeling and connecting with what IS happening now in our tissues, as opposed to thinking about it. Slowness, soothing and calming the nervous system is key.

'Slow' physical practices for mental-emotional healing:

  • Time with yourself, for yourself - retreat, nature, meditation, yoga
  • Slow, restorative movement - yoga, swim, stretch, walk, massage, rest
  • Micro-movement, micro postural aligment - yoga, massage
  • Mindfullness, awareness of sensation - meditation, yoga, journey & constellation therapy
  • Kind caregiving attention - love & kindness meditation, self-loving practice
  • Rythmic breath work - pranayama
  • Remedial touch and massage - touch and massage
  • Lymph drainage - skin brushing, massage, yoga
  • Releasing toxins and acidity in the tissues - detox, fasting, colonics, pranayama
  • When we heal with the body, healing without 'thinking' is also possible.
  • Healing that is NOT understood with the conscious mind is very valuable for us. To allow the direct release of pain and discomfort, anxiety, depression and chronic stress without imagery. These practices (below) support integration of any mental-emotional insight, which alone may take time to trickle into the body to change the patterns in the tissue.

    Karuna Detox Retreats Program

Karuna Detox 7 day cleansing program integrates physical and emotional-mental levels of healing, as described above, based on ancient tradition (yoga) and modern research showing that slow, kind, present and rhythmic relating with your body and self, opens to healing and 'rewiring' of chronic stress patterns. This new research explains what we have observed over the last 15 years - that soothing and calming our nervous system together with cleansing and healing our tissues allow our bodies to regenerate on multiple levels physical, emotional and spiritual, and strengthen our capacity to move forward with fresh energy in life.

Capture the message: Be well, be slow...


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