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Detox Massage & Healing Therapies

at UK's Leading Holistic Detox Centre

Therapeutic touch brings harmony to Body, Mind and Spirit, restores balance and promotes true wellbeing.
Massage during your Karuna Detox™ Retreats is both pampering, relaxing and therapeutic- calming the nervous system and detoxifying.

"The therapists and therapies are outstanding! Exquisite touch with deep integrity!"

Massage therapies are booked on the opening evening of the retreat.


1 hr = £60 / 30mins = £30

A relaxing massage using traditional Swedish techniques and a blend of aromatic essential oils with theraputic properties.

Neutral Space Relaxation:

1 hr = £60

Clear the chatter of the mind, rest the body and release accumulated tensions. Added to this massage are relaxation pressure points and other techniques that calm and still the central nervous system. This enables the body to relax, to switch from 'fight/flight' back to a sense of wellbeing, calm and safety.

Holistic Massage:

1 hr = £60 / 30mins = £30

Using a variety of expert technique to release tension, toxins, and blocked energy stored in the muscles and soft tissues, this massage offers relief from the stress of everyday living, and brings a restored sense of well-being to mind, body and spirit.


1 hr = £60 / 30mins = £30

Deeply relaxing and releasing foot massage. The soles of our feet contain a map of the whole body, by massaging the pressure points on the soles, the whole body is treated. Improves, circulation, oxygenation and immunity and is recommended for bowel and menstrual conditions.

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Colon Detox & Abdominal Massage:

30mins = £30 Abdominal

Colon and abdominal massage works with the internal organs, meridians and pressure points of the colon and abdomen. Effective in releasing mucoid plaque and blockages, and improves colonic irrigation eliminations.

Double Detox Acupuncture:

1 hr = £60 / 30mins = £30

Detox Auricular (ear) acupuncture a powerful method of supporting detoxification and addiction control. This therapy induces relaxation and enhances the release of toxins. Ear acupuncture is very popular in drug and alcohol rehabilitation due to these effects. The 'Double Detox' treatment includes half hour of ear acupuncture and half hour of colon & abdominal massage and is perfectly honed to assist release of toxins from the body.

Deep Balance Shiatsu Massage:

1 hr = £60 / 30mins = £30

Shiatsu is a Japanese deep tissue massage. It uses stretches and pressure to harmonise and rebalance the body’s energy, through meridians and acupressure points. You will feel like you have had a work out done for you while you relax! Your massage is done on a special futon, wear comfy clothing.

Mind-Heart Detox 'Journey' Therapy:

80 mins = £80

A journey session is a powerful system of using the attention to enter a healing space to heal anything that is experienced as 'Stuck' or unresolved in our lives. One issue can be addressed in one session. This can be anything from life - from physical symptoms of dis-ease to emotional or mental patterns. The Journey leads you into the body, into connecting with this pattern, and from this intimacy springs healing. This area of life becomes refilled with energy, no longer being drained by unresolved issues. Life becomes free and fresh.


Reiki Energy Work:

40mins = £45

Based on a system of healing used over 2000 years ago. A non-invasive form of therapy that offers complete relaxation, promotes the bodies own healing abilities and boosts the immune system.

Chakra Reading & Energy work:

1.5 hrs = £90

This reading maps the 12 chakras along the front and back of the body, using a pendulum. Each chakra is responsible for a different area of our self and our life – we have a chakra centre for health, sexuality, responsibility, connection, profession, service to the world, etc… Shoshana reads the energy pattern of your chakras, reveals energetic habits and highlights areas of strength and of weakness. She will teach you energetic exercises to support your connection and strengthening of your weak chakras and how to nourish your whole energy system.

Systemic and Family Constellation:

1.5 hrs = £90

Systemic or family constelations is deeply therapeutic work that can reveal and harmonise areas of conflict in our lives.

Often used to explore options around pivotal life choices, gain insight and healing around challenging relationships in the family or at work, and bring healing to difficult personal events.

These sessions take place on a one-to-one basis using the self-representation to reveal the hidden dynamics within the relational field. This representation of the dynamics which are felt, but have not been seen and openly acknowledged has great healing power. It enables us to gain insight can stimulate a process of finding balance and harmony within the difficulty.

The work is based on the healing power of ‘acknowledging what is’ of Family Constellations, as developed by Burt Hellinger.

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