NEW Raw Food Retreat

One week starting with 2 days juice fasting to cleanse & alkalise, rest eatingRaw Fruit Retreat woman Raw Gourmet food PLUS hands on raw food preparation training!


Following our popular Detox Retreats, we've created a retreat where you gain all the skills needed to bring the raw food benefits home!

Relax in our raw retreat venue (click here) is countryside luxury, with indoor swimming pool, landscaped gardens, pond and beautiful manor house.

Enjoy Massage therapies with expert holistic therapists.

Learn to prepare delicious RAW FOOD, with Devon's Master Chef catering Duo, the 'Love Chefs', who share the wide spread secret to vibrant health. Why eat raw food? It's a natural way to weight loss and radiant health. Read more raw food benefits.

See availability & prices for 'The Raw food Retreat', Nov. 12-18th

The 'Love Chefs' Retreat Program:spin_pancakes_web

Your raw food retreat will include a blend of preparing and eating delicious foods, note the first Friday and Saturday you will be drinking green juices only to cleanse your palate and body:

8 am Morning 'wake up' special herb and spice tea

8:15am Meditation session - exercising body awareness, stretching, breathing

9am Raw Breakfasts - smoothies, juice, raw muesli, raw bread and spreads, hemp mylk, fruit jam and more

10.30-12.00 Hands on Food Preparation - pate, soup, salad, dressings, falafel, sushi, humous, sprouting and more

1.00 LunchCorn_chowder_web

3.30-5.30 Hands on Desert & Treats Preparation - Brownies, cake, lemon torte, mousse, chocolate, biscuites and more

Hands on Raw Food Preparation - Pasta, Pizza, Pancakes, Thai curry, Lazagne, Mango Chutney & More!

7.00 Dinner

Plus: Massage therapies (optional extra) are available, as well as Nature walks, Swimming Pool & Question and Answer sessions with the Love Chefs. Note: Course menu will vary, this is a guideline.

"My health only began after discovering raw foods" Sho, Karuna Detox Founder

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Once you have experienced this you will never want to, or need to lose confidence about weight again!


About the Love Chef's aim:

  • Our aim is to introduce a way of eating that really moves you. It's simple, accessible and positive - focused on bringing in a new way that's so great it liberates you from old patterns of eating that do not serve you

    We aim to show the possibilities - both in what we can eat and how it can make us feel. Our food is about connecting with life. This means life on many levels - our own inner well spring of vitality and energy; our instinctive voice; our clear intuition. It also means the life principle of the living ecology of our planet so that our choices regarding what we eat serve the whole as well as ourselves.

  • About Charlotte, the Love Chef:

    When I first encountered raw food it was a symbol of a light and promising future for me. Since being an early teenager I had subjected myself to punishing regimes that enabled me to numb my emotional body. My relationship with food had been filled with fear - now for the first time since being a child I could enjoy it, love it and love myself. It integrated my love of food with a sense that I could be healthy and radiant. The message of raw food was "Eat me - I'll do you nothing but good".

    It wasn't a clear cut straight road to liberation and health for me however. The ideology ofLove_Chefs_web 'raw' has at times obscured a more intuitive and gentle approach to how I can nourish myself best in each new day. My journey to health has been a journey of acceptance - accepting and honouring myself and my body no matter what I eat.

    Nature has always been my guide and my support. To take from her as she gives - an apple from a tree, salad leaves from the garden - when I eat like this I feel more connected and more alive. I love raw food. It has woken me up to my potential and has led me to expand my creativity in new and previously unimaginable ways. I am so happy to be able to pass on some of what I've learnt.


Benefits of raw foods can include

Restoring Natural health,
Increasing resistance to dis-ease and ability to heal,
Strengthening immunity,
Healthy digestion
Weight management
Energy & Vitality
A sense of well being regardless of age.

These benefits have been documented by thousands of people who have chosen the raw food lifestyle.

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RAW FOOD is REAL FOOD, some facts:

  • Not just lettuce, cucumber and tomato! True, we love our colourful salads and also pasta, pies, soup, vegetable pate and dips, nutritious dressings, cakes and many other savoury and sweet treats...
  • High-energy: packed with bio-available nutrients, balanced sugars, fibre and structured water. Just what your body needs!

  • Low calorie - no empty calories just nourishment for each cell in your body!bigtrousers-woman

  • Nourishing nutrients - vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and more.

  • Healing - naturally occurring phytonutrients (in plants) play a role in the prevention and treatment of disease.

  • Supports immune system - feeds intestinal flora, which constitutes a major part of of your immune system.

  • Feel Good - enhances and stabilises mood

  • Filling - full of quality fibre aiding digestion

  • Hydrating - over half our body weight is water. We get the purest from of water from fruits and vegetables, leaves and sprouts and good quality drinking water.

  • Rejuvenating- slow down and reverse the appearance of ageing with foods rich anti-oxidants and enzymes! Live foods are rich in the vital life force of enzymes, required for all metabolic and digestive processes in our bodies. Enzymes are destroyed at high temp. as in cooking.

"After losing at least 10lbs on the retreat, I lost another stone (at least!) in the two months following following your diet guidelines." Darcy

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The Raw Food Retreat Diary Date

Single/Couple ensuite rooms
Single rooms (not ensuite)
Shared Rooms
Nov. 12 - 18
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The Raw Food Retreat Prices p.person (incl. VAT)

Shared Room non-ensuite: 4 available
Small Single non-ensuite: Fully Booked
Lux Single non-ensuite: Fully Booked
Single/couple ensuite:  Fully Booked
£1250 £1030
Lux Master Ensuite: Fully Booked
£1450 £1150


The healthier you are feeling on the inside... guess what?
The better your life feels on the outside. It's a natural rule of life.
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