The 'TOX' in DETOX

Toxic pressures - and how to avoid them

Some toxins are a natural results of having a body the metabolic process of living, many others multiply in the the unhealthy environment in our guts cells (this is the majority, which gets cleared up on our detox), and others come in from the outside (environmental pollution, household products, personal care products, processed foods, carpets, medication, self-medication).

21st century living requires special attention and personal responsibility.
We need to chose well among the options available.

The pressure to medicate and pollute our body is strong. Chemical companies spend enormous amounts convincing us that environmental pollution, consumption of pollution, medication of symptoms, is all normal. As a result, many health conscious people experience a strong pressure from concerned family and friends to conform to allopathic medication, when they wish to use naturopathy.

A group of doctors were concerned with the discrediting of natural remedies by lobbyist and big companies, which they claimed were misleading the public to make poor personal choices. Their data report  'Death by Medicine' found the total number of USA deaths (783,936) that year caused by conventional medicine, made conventional medicine the leading cause of death, above heart disease and cancer.

Who's health advice should we be taking?

Let us remember the gentle natural healing approaches of local tribes, herbalists, homeopaths, detoxers and many others. Keep chosing the healing path that is least toxic to you, and the environment too. Remedies that are ancient have been time tested, do little harm and much good to many througout generations. I hope it stays that way for our children!

By living, eating and using remedies from nature, you follow the basic premise that a clean body can develop health and prevent illness easier a polluted one.



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