Weight Loss after your Detox

Weight loss on our detox program is clear, anywhere between 6 lbs - to over 14 lbs. But how do you keep the weight off?

Toxins and fat released on our program are gone for good. They're not coming back. Read here why.

How do you keep weight off after your detox?

Our nutritional guidelines and workshops, by Sho and Donna, offer you tips and plans for you to follow at home to continue losing weight.

We've had clients lose up to 14 lbs p.month after the retreat on a high-raw or well combined diet. And some clients have lost around 14 lbs before the retreat started, just by following our detox-preparation dietary guidelines!

What can I do to Keep the weight off, and continue losing weight?

  1. Nourish yourself with real food. Quality foods are full of nutrients, enzymes, water -  fresh fruit and vegetables are hydrating, satisfying and full of fibre. They 'fill you up' for only a short time, yet they deeply nourish your cells, contributing to healing of disease and ending deficiencies. Blend them (smoothie), juice them yourself, eat them as snacks and meals.
  2. Rebuild your body with superfoods. Our superfood smoothie is a cravings-buster! Our recipe gives you more nutrients daily than most get in two weeks. Crucial for rebuilding your body and ending nutritional deficiency and cravings for low/no nutrient foods.
  3. Keep your taste buds fresh. Fasting freshens taste buds and makes you appreciate natural fresh foods like vegetables and fruits. We help you get excited and freshly 'attached' to these fresh from the earth foods by introducing you to the highest quality ones at the end of your detox here. We hold a freindly masterclass to show you some simple gourmet raw food as well.
  4. Listen to your body. Eat when you need to, and what you need to. Stop when you're full. During your detox you'll tune in to 'listen' to your body. This skill can be used to feel, see, taste and smell the difference when you're eating suitably and when your not. Offering you a new natural guidance to help develop a more supportive 'caring and inquiring' relationship with your body.

Sho, of www.karunadetox.com has 15 years experience leading detox Retreats. For more info. and to book Detox Retreat.




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