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Why Colonics?

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The Colon (shown in purple), also known as the 'large intestine', is the body's main elimination channel for wastes - both metabolic and toxins. Here the last nutrients as well as water is absorbed from our digestive tract. Colonics, or 'Colonic irrigations' flush this organ, clearing it of clogged matter, toxins and mucoid plaque.

Repeated overeating, bad choices and refined foods encourages toxicity and over secretion of mucous, leading to clogged intestines and mucoid plaque. Cooking foods destroys fiber that sweeps the intestines clean again. Instead they become blocked with old, often toxic, mucousy sticky waste.

Chronic constipation, which most people suffer from, is a common experience with a cooked food and modern diet. A result of lack of fiber, insufficient water and just not going to the loo when nature calls. Constiation puts pressure on the bowel wall distorting it tremendously. Stresses and emotional retention leave it cramped as well, making it inflexible for movement, and absorption of nutrients.

Exhausted elimination organs are inevitable after years of backed-up waste from the small intestines, Liver, Pancreas, Lymph System, fat reserves, and even muscle structures.

We must clear intestinal and metabolic wastes to be able to deal with digesting food and experiencing Wellness.

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The problems caused appear as symptoms and diseases, but start as internal imbalances of acidosis (imbalanced pH balance) and toxicity.

How Colonics Help

When one decides to regain full health, a major step is to rid the Colon of years of this Mucoid Plaque. This is best done by undertaking a detox fast with supplements and colonic irrigations, as provided on Karuna Detox.

If you cannot do Colonic irrigation, the supplements and fasting will give you great benefits, by ridding of tremendous amounts of old matter, greatly aiding the body's attempts to balance itself.

Taking a Shower 'Inside'

The motion of the water flushing around, being massaged about, and finally being driven out of the Colon by its own peristaltic responses has a multitude of effects.

  1. The chunks of old debris are dislodged by the supplements and massaging, and carried out with the fiber in the water.
  2. The expansion of the Colon will ease the tensions of the Peristaltic muscles, and help bring out their associated emotions.
  3. The contraction of the Colon wall to expel the water will exercise the muscle reflexes.
  4. Awareness of what is happening inside, will provide a new awareness of how these muscles work, and how they feel.
  5. The expelled material can give clues to which areas of the intestines need the most attention.

The resulting evacuations are often strange, but explainable. Shedding light upon areas of the person's health that need to be looked at in new ways. The material itself, once expelled is gone forever, but the lessons learned from it can last a lifetime...

A smooth, clean intestine, with no cramped or ballooned muscles is almost nonexistent today. Usually there are numerous places where pockets or constrictions are easily visible. Most of the material expelled is made up of Psyllium husks, a fibrous matter taken during these fasts, saturated in rehydrated toxic mucous.

Occasionally an entire layer of hardened mucous will be eliminated, and will still hold its form, even after passage through the bowel. It can be as hard and dark as tire rubber, 10cm across and usually around 30cm long.

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'Mouse Over' and 'Click' on the image to reveal it clearly. For an explanation on a larger photo image, please click here.

Colonic irrigations (as pictured below) are a simple process. Low-pressure gravity-fed water flushes the whole length of the large intestine with water, whilst you are reclining and relaxing on a Colonic Board.

Numerous conditions deemed "incurable" have improved significantly and often disappeared altogether by cleaning the Colon, and changing the diet, thus addressing the root causes. Moreover, most of the 'normal' discomforts we take for granted (back ache, depression, Body Odour, Eczema, indigestion, irritability, infections, insomnia, etc.) are connected to a toxic bowel, and are actually reversible through a Colonic detox program.


Want to Detox without Colonics?

Some people just find the idea unappealing, others have specific medical conditions that preclude colonic therapy.

Though colonics are the fastest way to move toxins out of the body, juice or water fasting is very beneficial on it's own and all the positive effects still apply. There are alternatives to the colonic procedure, such as using enemas with a good massage, and fasting alone without hydrotherapy. To find out more about the possibilities, and for more information on what is contraindicated. or, Contact us personally

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The Stresses of Pressure

When one considers the tremendous amount of food consumed, and the taste bud serving, bad food-combinations our societies have invented, it is no wonder that the body is not able to fully clean out even its own sewer system. No sooner has it started the process of cleansing, than another meal arrives to be digested. No time for cleaning its own metabolic wastes, let alone that of the digestion process. With such amounts of material being forced along without sufficient fiber to exercise the muscles which form the intestine, they become atrophied and will balloon out from the pressures created by other muscles working. Moreover, gases from the fermentation processes force them still further out of shape, and toxifies them into rigid and weak structures, rather than flexible and strong muscles.

Another phenomenon closely related to this "ballooning" is "constriction".

All muscles are prone to tension through emotional stimuli, but those of the bowel are especially at risk, as they have no bone structure to resist their constriction. Due to the weakening effects of toxic products in the bowel, the Peristaltic muscles can fall into an ever-tightening pattern. Unable to relax fully, the muscle becomes more and more toxic because the blood cannot enter it sufficiently. The muscle thus becomes evermore suffocated, and stews in its own metabolic wastes. Once griped, the muscles cannot release, and the cycle of degeneration needs a powerful catalyst to break it.

Left unattended, the bottle-neck effects on food, as they pass from balloon to stricture increases the pressure, thus they # are often found interspersed with balloons.

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The Mucous Story

On its way through the 8 metres (28 feet) of intestinal tract, the food is lubricated by a slippery mucous, produced by the sensitive linings that transport it. Foods that are found to contain pathogenic material, or encourage unfriendly bacteria will need more mucous secreted to move them through the system faster, and in doing so the intestinal lining protects itself from being damaged by these components.

The fiber within natural foods wipe away any previous mucous residues, leaving a clean intestinal wall, ready to assimilate the next meal's nutrients. Food that does not contain this fibrous aspect (due to cooking and processing) will not have this effect, and will leave trails of old mucous within the system. If this happens daily, then the intestinal lining becomes coated.

One of the roles of the Colon is to draw water from its contents, as a vehicle for nutrients. When the Colon lining is in contact with old mucous instead of food, it will continue to do this work, hence the mucous against its walls become progressively drier, stickier, harder and more toxic. Moreover, the Colon is then receiving toxins, instead of nutrients, for delivery to the blood and liver.

This combination of elements make it a very powerful feedback loop that leaves the immune system clearing toxic waste and bacterial overgrowth, weakens the Peristaltic Muscle Structure, and otherwise hinders one's natural state of health.


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